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SBO Property brokers is an international Real Estate brokerage firm specialising in the sale of luxury properties.


What the client wanted: SBO wanted a new website that was simple and sleek to serve as their digital home. 

They also wanted us to carry out a digital lead generation campaign to attract home owners and potential buyers to register their interest with the firm.


What we did: We delivered an elegant site that was designed with simplicity at its core. 


As the firm had no social or online footprint, we then created a Facebook page and created awareness of the firms services within their operating countries and to their target audiences. 


We embarked on a lead generation campaign using highly targeted Facebook Ads and strategic content delivery. The client wanted 7 buyer leads a week.



  • Online awareness of the company grew significantly through Facebook

  • Facebook following increased by 1999%

  • We generated an average of 18 leads per week


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