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Tasty African Food is a UK chain of quick service restaurants that provides high quality, authentic and affordable meals across its 13 branches. As the first African company within Europe to successfully go into franchise, the brand is growing at a rapid pace.


What the client wanted: Tasty needed re-branding of their image, This included store redesign & a major online presence so we were assigned to the project


What we did:  Re-designed outlook of stores, developed a marketing plan, social media marketing, online customer service. We took all the core values of the brand and injected them into the physical and online image that the company wanted to convey. 



  • Facebook ‘Likes’ increased by 22976%

  • Tasty customers welcomed the brand's 'face-lift' 

  • Instagram organic following increased by 8568%

  • Brand equity was positively impacted

  • project was completed on time and within budget

  • Client was very satisfied with outcome

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