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Using The Advantage To Your Advantage

If like me, you have ever been faced with the beautiful dilemma of content development, you will know all too well that some days are brimming with great ideas that come quicker than your hands can put them to paper, yet there are those days where it feels like your brain is stuck in a thick rush hour traffic and it just doesn't want to move! Those particular days are the ones that benefit greatly from trending topics.

With the right amount of creativity and the ability to connect the message of your brand with a relevant trend (a nice workable budget helps aswell) you can create something that not only appeals to your current audience but also grabs the attention of so many others who probably didn't follow your online activities prior to that. And that right golden!

Above is a powerful campaign by The Salvation Army using a recent social media trend to highlight Domestic Violence. It hits the nail on the head for many reasons but most importantly the timing was well considered and it is strong without being distasteful. The craze of #thedress presented a great opportunity for the Salvation Army to turn a seemingly trivial subject into something profound and hard hitting. A great example of using the advantage to your advantage!

There are new conversations and topics emerging daily on social media, a successful marketing plan must always make provision for tracking the latest information that is relevant to your business, a great place to start is Twitter trends but as you know not all hashtags will be useful for your business. You can still take advantage of sites such as to delve further into conversations that may apply to your audience.

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