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Facebook Ads For Photographers: 3 Killer Ad Ideas

As a photographer, a constant flow of new photography customers is imperative to developing your business. The test for any business needing to grow its customers has always been, the place to showcase and publicize? The alternatives are many – from conventional showcasing like print, postcards, local papers, networking, to more up to date online choices, for example, Facebook advertisements.

The issue with utilizing conventional media to promote your photography administrations is that it is pricey, unbelievably wasteful, and conveys a poor profit for your advertisement spend.

The expense to obtain a photography client from customary advertising channels can be multiple times as costly compared to digital strategies, for example, through Facebook Ads. The explanation behind this cost disparity among conventional and advanced diverts will be clearer in one minute.

In this post, I will outline 3 killer advertising tactics that you can use to target new photography customers.

In the event that you have contemplated Facebook promoting however didn't know whether Facebook advertisements work for photographers, read on.

Enter Facebook Ads

Facebook promotions are so profoundly successful for three fundamental reasons:

1. The measure of data they have about us

2. Consumer conduct and the sheer volume of individuals on Facebook

3. Ad expenses

These three blends make the Facebook advertisement stage unparalleled in its capacity to arrive at your objective adequately and productively. Regardless of whether you're publicizing for weddings, family representations, or infants, Facebook is one of your best choices.

Information and Data About Your Target Audience:

Some portion of what makes Facebook so compelling and profitable is the measure of data it has about you and me – this makes advertising proficient and powerful because we can be so exact in ad targeting, which traditional media channels cannot match.

With Facebook advertisements, we can be amazingly exact in our targeting, disposing of wasteful promotion spend that is so regular with other conventional publicizing channels.

Facebook has plenty of information on what we like, disdain, our family unit salary, sexual orientation, wedded or single, in the event that we are locked in (and to what extent we've been locked in), what number of children we have, what we read, our political affiliations, where we live and where we take some time off, and even our family unit pay. It is really mind blowing. Quite a bit of this data that Facebook thinks about us is gathered right inside Facebook dependent on what we have "preferred", remarked on, and put in our profile.

Be that as it may, this is what makes Facebook targeting even more increasingly incredible – Partner Categories. Partner Category layer on what we do offline and outside of Facebook – our buying history, what locales we visit, do you possess your home, and the sky is the limit from there. Facebook was already amazing, yet by layering on offline information, it has turned out to be much progressively productive and focused for sponsors.

No other promoting channel can match the degree of detail that Facebook advertisements offer.

Hang in there… I will get to the 3 Killer Ad techniques in one moment

Buyer Behaviour:

It is nothing unexpected that purchasers invest increasingly more energy in cell phones. We have our cell phones with us 24 hours out of every day, 7 days out of each week. What's more, numerous individuals check their mobile phone immediately after getting up in the morning.

So where does Facebook fit in with the mobile consumer? Directly in its centre!

Think about the normal individual who spends as long as 3 hours out of every day on their mobile phone. Of those 3 hours, nearly 1 hour alone is spent on Facebook. Consider that for a minute. Of all the applications individuals approach on their telephones and about 1/third of the time is spent on Facebook alone. That, however on the off chance that you summed up the measure of time that individuals spend on the following most well known social applications (for example Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and so forth), it would not aggregate to the measure of time individuals spend on Facebook.

Likewise consider the sheer volumes of individuals on Facebook – billions are active daily on their desktop as well as on cell phones.

Promotion Costs and Spend:

Furthermore, dissimilar to conventional media, for example, print magazines or mailers which are amazingly costly, with Facebook Ads you can spend as little as £5 every day.

You can bet your money on it, there's an unmistakable chance to win new business and remain in front of your slower less complex photography competition for those photographers willing to figure out how to advance their business utilizing Facebook Laser targeting.

Moving on to the cool stuff…

Now let’s see how precise and targeted we can get with Facebook advertisements for Photographers.

3 Killer Facebook Ads Strategies For Photographers

Facebook Ads for Wedding Photography

Facebook Ad For Wedding Photography Services

With Facebook Ads you can target individuals that are recently engaged, for instance:

• Newly engaged within 3 months

• Newly engaged within 6 months

• Newly engaged within 1 year

How incredible is that?

Be that as it may, you can limit that down considerably more by layering on extra targets – individuals that read Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, or have an enthusiasm for wedding planning, wedding dresses, wedding bands, and that's just the beginning.

At that point you can layer on your geo-targeting - in the Facebook advertisement Ad example below, I am focusing on individuals inside a 20-mile range of San Diego, yet you could go more broader or narrower here too depending on how huge a geography you want to target.

Our intended interest group for this is roughly 20,000 individuals that are newly engaged in 1 year, a half year, or 3 months between the ages of 23 – 50 and read Martha Stewart Weddings.

Wedding Photography Ad Ideas: Targeting newly engaged couples

In the wedding example, we chose both genders, but if you wanted to run ads targeted towards women with messaging that appealed more to them, you can down select for women only (since they are usually the decision makers).

Facebook Ads Targeting Newborns and New Parents

Now let’s look at an example targeting parents with newborns.

For this situation we have chosen a similar geography, same age and gender, however we are focusing on guardians with infants AND we have now layered on family unit salary to down select for those families that can manage the cost of your photography sessions.

Newborn photography ad ideas with Facebook ads

Seasonal Facebook Ads

The annual seasonal times can be focused on also, whether that is the holidays or Mother's Day.

The following is how you may target little photograph sessions for Mother's Day, for instance.

Special occasion photography ads on Facebook

We are utilizing the equivalent geographic focusing in San Diego, however now we are going to run our promotions half a month prior to Mother's Day and focus on the following:

• Married

• Have kids in the home of all ages

• Household salary of $100k – $250k

• Own their home

Special occasion photography ad ideas

For this situation, we can target 11,000 individuals for our services that meet our geographic and demographic targeting criteria.

Broaden Your Photography Ads Into Instagram

You can also promote your photography benefits on Instagram from inside the Facebook advertisement interface

Your targeting on choices inside Facebook are practically endless. The samples above represented advertising ideas for weddings and engagements, holidays and New-borns, yet focusing on first birthday celebrations, family photography, or even business headshots are for the most part conceivable.

Above all, in any case, is that you can be so explicit in who you target – no other publicizing alternatives offer that sort of explicitness in focusing on and adaptability in advertisement spend. So truly, Facebook advertisements work for photographers. If you're willing to take a plunge, you will win all the more new customers and remain ahead of your less sophisticated competitor.

Could I simply Post To My Facebook Page?

No, without Facebook advertisements your scope and reach with organic non-paid posts is about 1% of your fan base. Since 2011, Facebook has been diminishing the reach with page posts for all Facebook pages.

What about Boost Posts?

There are in excess of twelve promoting destinations in Facebook – the Boost Post choice is only one. Be that as it may, you should never use the Boost Post if you’re serious about advertising on Facebook, keep away from boosting posts from the page interface. It doesn't have the same power level of focusing as the "Dark Posts" – Dark Posts are just those posts that keep running in the background of the Facebook engine, but the said posts are not visible on your Facebook page (more on this in another article)

In summary, while there are many advertising ideas for photographers, Facebook advertisements offer one of the best and targeted methods for gaining new clients and creating awareness for your services.

No other advertising channel offers the level of precise demographic targeting combined with cost effectiveness and control over your ad spend

I encourage you to embrace this digital channel. Please leave your comments or questions below – We’d love to hear your feedback and questions.

Please note that although the most detailed information on Facebook users is based on US stats (e.g. Household income), there are ways to use this tool to create Ads for targeting that will still have the same powerful results in the UK by using clever offerings (for more info on this, contact us now on

If you need help setting up your Facebook Page and Ad effectively, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can set this all up for you for a small fee and all you will have to do is turn the Ads ON/OFF as it suits you.

What you will get from us:

  • Help setup Business Manager

  • Add an Ad account

  • Analysis on your Business

  • Market research on your ideal customers

  • Powerful Creatives for the Ad

  • Professional Copywriting that converts

  • Ad set up with Laser-targeted and intelligent layering

  • Ads Optimization for a whole month

  • Show you how to self-manage the Ads

(for more info on this, contact us now on

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