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The Truth About Leads

Okay so have you ever had one of those phone calls from a company you have never had any contact with, trying to sell you something?

Well, this is because some companies actually make money off of selling people's details.

My question is: Should leads be sold?

No offence to lead Gen companies but I think this is unethical.

Just because I gave you my contact details does not mean I've automatically given you the permission to pass my information on to others.

Whatever happened to Inbound marketing?

In this day and age, one can generate leads using different digital techniques like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click and so on.

Would you go to people's houses uninvited?

Why would you go calling people randomly because you want to sell them something?

And for the telesales people that have to do this dirty work for a living, I feel your pain.

Life would be some much better if you were actually calling people that had given you their contact details because they want to hear from you. That is the beauty of inbound marketing.

And "No, I did not have a car accident and for the last time, please take me off your database or you might have an accident yourself" says the inner voice.

For enquiries on how we can help you generate more quality leads using inbound marketing, Call 0203 737 4322

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